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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Summertime in the Vineyard

I meant to write this post a while back, but the semester started and took over my life.  Last month, at the end of my conference in Boston, my family drove up to meet me so we could take a mini vacation before classes started.  My husband had a long-standing invitation from a friend to spend some time with them on their lightship in Martha's Vineyard.  Let me tell you - you haven't lived until you've spent time on a luxury lightship!  The owner of the ship bought it from ebay, in an effort to save it from being sold for parts.  Then, he and his wife completely immersed themselves into converting it into the work of art that it is today.

We had spent time on the ship before, but not while it was docked in Martha's Vineyard.  What an opportunity!  To be on the water off the coast of an island - my dream life indeed, as those are two of my favorite things.  It was everything we thought it would be.  MAB was especially enthralled.  After all, he likes all things red, and this has to be one of the largest red things ever.  Plus, there were other kids to play with.  Plus, the ship has countless rooms that make for the best game of hide and seek ever.  Plus, he could roll in the sand, wade off into the water, and cruise around in a kayak.  He thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Me? I enjoyed it as well, but in my own special way.  With lobsters and ice-cream and many naps in random locations on the ship.  What can I say?  I was exhausted from the conference!  Thankfully, there is nothing better than sleeping to the rhythm of the waves, especially when it is on a luxury ship.  Overall, it was a relaxing trip....until it was time to leave.  We got in the wrong queue for the ferry, missed our ride to the mainland, got on another ferry that took us an hour away from where we were parked.  Thankfully, our hosts arranged a ride for us with a coast guard officer who shared his stories of wild rescues during treacherous storms.  It was like interviewing a cast member of I Shouldn't Be Alive! We are truly blessed to have people like him who are willing to risk their lives for others.

The Nantucket Lighthip

Views on the island

We love the beach

our room - the photo does not do it justice!

Views on the island

Views on the island

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