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We are two girls in our early thirties, united by a common love for experiencing new things. This could mean travelling to new destinations, or just doing something unique in your own city. This common thread has kept our friendship going strong for the last ten years since we met as young, graduate students at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN in the United States. Despite being from completely different backgrounds, we instantly clicked - probably because we both were just so keen on new adventures- big and small.

Kish: is a mother of the world’s cutest three-year old boy. She is now working on getting her PhD at Penn State. About 8 years ago, she made a commitment to herself to visit at least one new country every year and so far, she has fulfilled that goal.  Kish lives in State College, PA, with her husband and son.

Sangs: fulfilled her childhood dream of living in Manhattan after she left TN, and was working and living there for almost seven years. She is pursuing a MBA at NYU, however she is currently on a semester abroad at London Business School. Sangs and her husband currently live in London and will return to NYC in October 2012.

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