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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gray Skies on Academic Lane


Pursuing a PhD is sometimes not fun.  Maybe I say this because I feel so drained after the mid-semester chaos.  Two statistics midterms for me - one in class and closed book.  Papers to grade.  Class preps for the course that I teach, and a paper to defend in a few weeks.  I am burnt out.  I want to sleep.  I wonder why I'm here.  I'd like to be somewhere sunny, with beautiful beaches.  Barbados maybe?  The grayness of this town, the smallness, the blahness.  This journey will continue.  I know it will.  I will make it continue.  But right now, I want more than anything else to take a detour.  Nothing extensive.  Just a week or so. To see how real people live.  To get the hell out of this bubble for a bit.  Maybe Thanksgiving?  Kayak.com, here I come.

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