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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Boston, Baby!

Street Dancers on Newbury Street

I love cities.  I love the energy of cities.  It’s a certain something that is hard to understand, unless you are a fellow urbanite.  It’s the street dancers, food stands, outdoor dining.  Nicely-dressed strangers in a hurry to get somewhere important.  Sirens - it is truly amazing how silent silence is without the assorted sounds that are the soundtrack of the city.  Sure, it’s not for everyone and some things about city life can be downright unpleasant, but really, the good trumps the bad.  And believe me when I say that small, quaint towns have their hidden horrors.  Obviously, I’m extremely biased and more obviously, I really enjoyed my time in Boston.  In fact, this city could now be on my shortlist of potential places to move to when I graduate.
I was in Boston for my field’s annual conference, so I had to get figure out a way to balance the work with the play.  After the heat and meat of San Antonio last year (what is a non-meat eater to do in such a city?!), I was truly excited about this location.  Boston did not disappoint.  With my love for all things old, I was in my element:  I gawked at the beauty of some of the oldest architecture in the US.  As luck would have it, I stayed at the Fairmont Copley – pure decadence, with it’s intricate tile mosaic floors and generously gold ceilings.  Did I mention that this year is their 100th anniversary?
I strolled along the Charles River and absorbed the tranquility that comes whenever I am near water. I wandered into public buildings.  My all-time favorite – the public library.  Generally, I love libraries.  Something about the works of thousands of great minds, clustered together in a common space.  The energy excites me.  This library was even more special though.  All I will say is that if you ever find yourself in Boston, the public library is a must.  If you love marble floors and painted ceilings, visit the library.  And if the weather is nice, set aside time for relaxing in the courtyard – undeniably a hidden gem.  If you get hungry, there is even a café, with a décor as delicious as we would hope the food to be.  Speaking of food, I ate well and I ate lots of it.  Thank you, Newbury Street for giving me so many options.  Thank you, Boston for being amazing.  For restoring will to return for another grueling semester.

Gondolas in Boston?!

Lobby of the Fairmont Copley 

Courtyard at the Boston Public Library

Grand Entrance to the Boston Public Library

A proper Jamaican meal!

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