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Friday, December 28, 2012

Imperfect Perfection?

Excess fat, wrinkles and sags that reveal the effects of time.  C-section scars, pot bellies, sun-fried flesh.  Yet, proudly they strut, in bikinis that hang on for dear life.  Wait, she's nearly darn perfect!  Toned arms, legs and wash-board abs.  Strength exudes from her every muscle.  She enters the sea while her husband and infant look on.  But there is only one of her and so many of them.  If this is representative of us - the human race - what does it say about our never-ending quest for perfection?  Is it all futile?  It seems that as a specie, we are more imperfect than we are perfect.  If we are all destined to deteriorate, to fall apart, to get on the moving sidewalk of gradual but consistent decay, why is it so difficult to accept our joint destiny? We can rest assured that on this this journey, we will not feel isolated.  After all, there will be countless fellow travelers with the same destination.

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